Bypass oil cleaning

Bypass oil cleaningEfficient oil filtration is a necessity and improving oil cleanliness results in important savings. Everybody agrees.

But how can solid particles as well as water and sludge be removed?

Very simple... with TRIPLE R BYPASS OIL CLEANER!

Triple R bypass filters are based on the AXIAL flow principle whereby the oil has to pass a filter mass of 114 mm! That's very different from the 1-2 mm thickness of conventional inline filters.

In addition Triple R bypass filters use a specially designed cellulose medium that allows absorption of water and oxidation residues.

That makes Triple R bypass filters all-in-one OIL CLEANING devices, and not just oil filters.

One of the reasons for Triple R's efficiency and high level of performance is because it executes optimum filtration principles and mechanisms into practice:

Low flow, low pressure, no flow and pressure pulses & axial filtration combined with patented cellulose filter material that forces the oil to pass through 114 mm of oil filter material.


The result is a filtration system that, with one filter element enables efficient removal of solid particles, water, sludge, resins and oxidation products. 3 functions, all within 1 single filter element!

Filter element setup

Filter element setup

Made from a special cellulose material 1 wound onto central core 2 it combines micro and depth filtration by using the axial filtration principle (flow direction from the top 3 to the bottom 4).

A card sleeve 5 compresses the lower part to increase the density.

A non-woven cloth 6 protects the base and stops particle and media migration.

All elements are fitted with 2 lifting strips 7 for easy removal.


After a few weeks in operation you will see your dark coloured oil gradually clearing and becoming as brilliant as new.

This combination of 3 features and the high level of efficiency for each make the Triple R unique in oil filtration, world-wide.

Evolution of the contamination in a hydraulic system:
Triple R not only cleans the oil, but also keeps it constantly clean.


Solid particles

The element set up forces the oil to flow through 114 mm. of filtration material, and to pass through 3 stages of different density. The big particles are retained on top of the element, smaller particles in the 1st. stage, and the smallest particles in the lower compressed part. This progressive removal of particles, results in a high ß-ratio and a very high dirt absorption capacity.





Additionally the cellulose material allows the absorption of up to 200 ml. of water in the filter element. In case of higher water concentrations a special "Water eater" element (WE-100) or a "Water Separation" element (WS-type) can reduce water contamination to less than 100 PPM.



Sludge, resins and oxidation products

The most remarkable and noticeable feature of the Triple R element is his ability to remove resins and oxidation products. The resin removal results from a combination of a special cellulose material with a long flow distance (114 mm.)
through the element.

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