Guaranteed clean oil


Do you need an oil filter for improving your oil cleanliness?
No problem, you can probably find a filter supplier on every corner nowadays.
But what’s the point if you do not know if that filter will keep your lubricants clean?

Triple R differentiates itself from all other filter suppliers by guaranteeing PERFECTLY CLEAN OIL!
Triple R does not sell oil filters, but CLEAN OIL. No falls promises, only guaranteed results.

Whatever the application, whatever the contamination level, whit a Triple R bypass oil cleaner you can rest assured that you buy a solution for your contamination problem.

Guaranteed clean oil

35 years of experience and continuous R&D made Triple R to be thé reference when it comes to bypass oil filtration.

All TRIPLE R filter elements are tested according to the Multipass Test ISO 4572.
Meaning that every µ-rating and beta value we state, results from extensive testing performed by an official and certified Multipass Test Laboratory.

Our µ-ratings are always ABSOLUTE (beta x > 75) and never an “irrelevant” NOMINAL value.

Be cautious of counterfeit and untruthful bypass filter manufacturers/suppliers claiming absurd 0,1 µ filter ratings, 2kg of particle and 2 liters of water absorption capacities! It can save you a lot of trouble afterwards.




The large capacity oil cleaner!

The small size water remover!

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